Freight Forwarding

Shippinh to/from Israel

Freight forwarding is a service used by companies that deal in international or multi-national import and export of goods.

Freight forwarding services are also used by individuals when relocating abroad or shipping personal effects.

Freight forwarding services include shipping goods by air, sea and land.

Although International forwarding became more and more common in the modern world, it can still get very confusing. Especially for fresh importers / exporters in their first steps and individuals trying to relocate or ship personal effects.

A good freight forwarding service can save the client untold time and potential headaches while providing reliable transportation of products at competitive rates. A freight forwarding service is an asset to almost any company dealing in international transportation of goods, and is especially helpful when in-house resources are not versed in international shipping procedures

YamYabasha offers a wide range of freight forwarding services:

·         Personal Effects

·         Packing

·         Door to Door services

·         Freight by Sea

·         Air Cargo Freight

·         Consulting and guidance

·         Inland Transportation

·         Customs Clearance

We offer competitive freight rates, experience and reliability.