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About Us:

YamYabasha.co.il is a unique site that provides quotes for international shipping services by Air & Sea. Quotations are provide Online. This site was created to help streamline the search for international forwarding freight quotations. This site will save time and money for the importer / exporter and the Freight forwarder.

YamYabasha.co.il is is the first and only of its kind in Israel, which allows users to see a real picture and full of prices from multiple shippers in one shipping center of information.

YamYabasha.co.il offers many advantages and innovations:

    * Online Quote 
    * Save time
    * Clear quote with total amount in fixed format.
    * Easy communication with the shipper for your order.

We believe that with the increase using of YamYabasha.co.il search quotations for international forwarding, the market will become perfectly competitive market, where everyone wins - Forwarding companies and importers / exporters.
Who are we? YamYabasha.co.il site was founded in 2008 by Yoel Rosen and Orly Gal, with a purpose to optimize and improve the process of searching quotations for international shipping to various destinations in the world. Yoel Rosen, a veteran and experience in international shipping and Recognized by FIATA and The Israely Customs as Forwarding agent. Orly Gal, has experience in information systems development for leading companies in the country.

Professional connection between the two was created in order devolp and improve the process of Internation forwarding website in Israel.